Understanding Aluminium Rolled Products

Aluminium, the versatile silvery-white lightweight metal, finds extensive use across a multitude of sectors, making it a crucial element in both households and industries. As the demand for this adaptable metal continues to grow, numerous aluminium companies, like India Aluminium Trading Company (IAT) in Tamil Nadu, have emerged to meet this need.

Many aluminium extrusion manufacturers also have the capability to produce aluminium rolled products within their integrated plants. These products serve to enhance flexibility in modern operations across various scales, finding applications in industries such as aircraft, aerospace, railways, engineering, electricals, food, packaging, and printing.

Aluminium is frequently processed into rolled products like sheets, plates, or foils, driven by their increasing use in sectors such as single-use goods. The manufacturing of aluminium sheets, plates, and foils generally involves rolling thick aluminium slabs between industrial-grade rolls to reduce thickness. These sheets are then further processed through hot and cold rolling techniques.

Hot rolling, one of the most common methods for transforming cast aluminium slabs from smelters and wrought re-melts into industrial forms, can reduce a 600mm thick aluminium slab to a plate with thickness ranging from 6mm to 250mm. Subsequent cold rolling processes further reduce these dimensions to sheets as thin as 2mm.

These flat-rolled products undergo numerous preparatory and finishing steps, including alloying, casting, scalping, pre-heating, intermediate annealing, solution heat treatment (final annealing), stretching, leveling, slitting, edge trimming, and ageing. The rolling of aluminium can be achieved through various methods, including Conventional Rolling, Strip Casting, Twin-Roll Casting, and Twin-Belt Casting.

Aluminium rolled products share common attributes of lightness, durability, and high strength. These characteristics, combined with the metal's inherent qualities, make rolled aluminium one of the most versatile materials for applications in the packaging, transportation, building, and construction industries.

Notably, rolled aluminium products, such as sheets, plates, and foils, make up nearly 50% of all aluminium alloys used worldwide, with the remaining 50% encompassing extrusions, castings, wires, rods, bars, forgings, impacts, powders, and pastes, among others. India Aluminium Trading Company (IAT), recognized as the premier aluminium company in Chennai, offers comprehensive aluminium services from start to finish, ensuring top-notch products for a wide range of applications.