Aluminium Extrusions (Profiles and Tubes)

Versatile Aluminium Extrusions for Your Diverse Needs

Aluminium extrusions are incredibly versatile, finding applications across various industries. At IAT - India Aluminium Trading Co, we offer a wide array of aluminium extrusions, each tailored to meet specific requirements. Here's a glimpse of how these extrusions are applied:

Architectural Marvels: Aluminium extrusions find extensive use in architectural applications, elevating the aesthetics and functionality of structures. They are commonlyused in:

  • Building Facades
  • Doors and Windows
  • Partitions
  • False Ceilings, and more.

Powering the T&D Industry:

Flat bars and tubes made from aluminium extrusions play apivotal role in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry. They are instrumental in the creation of efficient power transmission systems, control panels, and more.

Meeting Stringent Specifications

Our trusted principals have the capability to adhere to the most stringent specific ations outlined by our customers. Whether it's precise dimensions, complex geometries, or unique requirements, we ensure that the extrusions we provide meet and often exceed expectations.

Customized Solutions

When standard extrusions won't suffice, we offer the flexibility to develop exclusive dies.These dies are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you get extrusions that perfectly align with your project's needs.